Allowance is key

Allowance is one of the key energies I use to get results, for myself and with my clients.

Allowance means you let people and things be as they are while you’re following your values and mission and provide contribution to the world.

It means you do not fight – oppose – combat, but that you choose who and what you allow in your life.

It means you do not accept – tolerate – endure what and who is not a contribution.

Allowance is not only a state of mind, an emotion, an energy. It’s that AND an action.

You be and do allowance.

And in order to allow, you must be present.

You must be in the now moment, and that means you also get to realize where you’re not in allowance.

To not be an allowance means you are contracted. Rigid. Restricting the flow of energy from you and to you.

Restricting the flow of clients and money.

How to come back into allowance?

The good news is that to come back into allowance is easy. Does not require any special equipment or mystical initiations.

To be more in allowance, you must come back to your body. To your breath.

To be more in allowance you must also be courageous and come back to your body despite all the contractions and rigidity you might sense.

>> To be in allowance is to be in flow is to be in receiving. <<

And we always want to be in allowance – flow – receiving because then we are clear channels for what we want to create or for what wants to be created through us.

Also, to be clear channels means that energy inspiration, creativity flow freely through us, and through our bodies.

So, as you see, we always come back to the body. We always work with our bodies, not only with our minds.

And maybe now we can melt all the contractions that we can, at this moment.

So, if you want, take a couple of minutes to smooth your forehead.

Remove the tensions from around your eyes, your cheeks, your mouth.

Unclench your teeth and let your tongue become soft and supple.

And then flow down a wave of relaxation through your neck, arms and body, down to the legs and feet. Relax and let go of all the small contractions that you feel.

You may already feel how you become softer and softer.

More energy is flowing smoother through you.

The more you do this, the more you are in flow, the more you are inspired, the more you are creative.

And from this place it’s easier is to get the results you want, in less time and with more ease.

Scris de Miruna Macavei

The Results Facilitator. 0720-029877.



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