Expectations are limitations.

When you expect something, you create a container for what you expect to have or to happen. Therefore, you limit the expansiveness of what you can actually receive.

We usually set expectations because we are afraid to ask for what we really want, or we don’t know that we can ask for what we want.

So, the first question that you can ask is:

– what am I expecting here to happen? And let go of that.

And instead, ask:

– what can I receive here?

– what can I open myself up to?

– how can I become the energy of the „thing” I desire?

And you can perceive that, with these questions, you actually become softer and more expanded. Whereas, when you expect something, you become more contracted; your body becomes more solid and rigid.

How to release expectations?

One practice you can do is to feel the actual contractions in your body and start to soften them one by one.

You know „the drill”: relax your face, let a smile appear and lift the corners of your mouth and your eyes. Let your tongue become like a soft, velvety piece of cloth. Unclench the teeth (this also releases the pressure on your skull and your brain!).

And then feel your energy expanding in all directions.

Slowly and gently, you become more fluid, more vaporous, like a mist or a cloud of energy and consciousness, not a solid mass.

In this fluidity, you can BE the energy of receptivity.

And you can ask for what you want, without self- or other-imposed limitations.

Play with this and let me know how it works for you.

Scris de Miruna Macavei

The Results Facilitator. 0720-029877. miruna@simplitao.ro.



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