When we set an intention, we usually use the mind a lot.

And in those moments maybe you noticed that your face and your forehead, maybe the whole head, become tense.

You scrunch the eyes and the mouth and perhaps you already know that the round muscles in the face are connected, the ones around the eyes and the one around the mouth.

When you tense your eyes, you also tend to tense the mouth and the other way around.

A good space to set an intention from (or choose a goal or take action) is one where your face is relaxed.

Feel the muscles around the eyes and the mouth become loose and soft.

And then slowly lift up the corners of your mouth and the corners of the eyes as if you are smiling at a person you really care about.

This good energy that you create with this smile and its relaxation then trickles down through the body and infuses it (vagus nerve, anyone?).

And from this space of expanded relaxation, you can set an intention, and then move on to take action.

Play with this and let me know how you felt.

Miruna Macavei
The Results Facilitator

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The Results Facilitator. 0720-029877. miruna@simplitao.ro.



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