The frequencies you choose are hindrances or tools.

Otherwise said: the frequencies you bring into your body are manifested into your life as un-wanted or wanted experiences.

So, if you align to the frequency of fear and bring it into your field, into your body, you are going to manifest fear into your life.

You are going to create opportunities for you to experience fear into your life field. Either external fears (let’s say a dog barking at you when you’re very afraid of dogs or your boss threatening you with something) or internal (you feeling afraid that your partner is going to leave you, even if they don’t show anything related to that).

By contrast, if you align with the higher or let’s say, different frequencies, like compassion, kindness or courage, you literally embody those into your field and you create them into your body and into your life.

So, the question – the tool, actually – is:

– how conscious are you to choose which frequencies you embody?

What tools do you have to bring your attention to the present moment and choose the frequencies you are living and, therefore, the happenings that appear or that you create into your life field?

Breath Is Always In the Now

One of them is to bring your attention to your body using your breath.

Perceiving your breath and the sensations it creates in your body is the easiest way to bring your focus to the NOW.

Your Center Is Your Frequency Tuner

And another one, let’s say more spiritual (esoteric) one is to perceive the energy channel that runs from the top of your head to the bottom of your body (to the perineum area) and perceive it as a clear crystalline golden channel of light and consciousness.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep your presence – your attention – on that channel. And, from there, you can be present with the frequencies that you allow into your body and your life.

So, no matter what tools you use, always remember that there is always something that helps you to bring your attention to the present. Be it breath, be it being aware of your body or more esoteric ones like the central channel practice that I mentioned.

You are always supported.

So, play with this and choose wisely the frequencies that you allow into your field, your body into your life.

Choose With Your Soul and Body

The challenge here is to not let the mind choose the frequencies, but your soul and your body.

And this is not just some spiritual mombo-jombo 😊, but is as practical as it gets:

– if you align to defensive frequencies, you’ll meet people who will quarrel with you (in your family, friends or relationship fields)

– if you feel scarcity, you’ll get financial problems and thus express the scarcity frequency into your life

The antidote – the solution – as always is that you become as present as you can.

Each and every moment you remind yourself to turn to the nowhere = now-here and be present.

Your presence is the filter for the frequencies you embody.

The more present – conscious – you are, the easier is to create your life.

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